3.3 Contention: "Scientism is robbing persons of their souls"

"A quasi-religious faith has sprung up among us," writes Leon Kass, "--let me call it 'soul-less scientism,' which believes that our new biology, eliminating all mystery, can give a complete account of human life, giving purely scientific explanations of human thought, love, creativity, moral judgment, and even why we believe in God. The threat to our humanity today comes not from the transmigration of souls in the next life, but from the denial of soul in this one, not from turning men into buffaloes, but from denying that there is any real difference between them."

"Make no mistake. The stakes in this contest are high: at issue are the moral and spiritual health of our nation, the continued vitality of science, and our own self-understanding as human beings and as children of the West. All friends of human freedom and dignity -- including even the atheists among us -- must understand that their own humanity is on the line."

Author: Leon Kass
Maintained By: Gary Comstock
Last Updated: 2009-09-01