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1.2 Progress to degree

To earn a Ph.D you must pass specific milestones in a timely fashion. It will be difficult to keep on track if you do not meet frequently with your advisor. Toward this end, supervisors should discuss the following topics with grad students. If your supervisor has not thoroughly covered all of these topics with you, seize the initiative and raise the issue.

-> Writing research articles

-> Attending professional meetings

-> Evaluating research seminars

-> Grantspersonship

-> Keeping laboratory notebooks

-> Creating visual aidsand presentations

-> Writing letters of recommendation

-> Speaking to multi-cultural audiences

As you move along your path, document your every move. The importance of keeping records of your thoughts and decisions in research--and notes of important conversations with your mentors--cannot be overemphasized. As you encounter problems in your research you need counsel from superiors. Write down what they recommend. You will also increasingly be in the position of giving advice to subordinates. Should you later find yourself in a situation requiring you to recall exact details of your decisions or conversations, the road will be much easier if you have careful notes. In doubt as to whether to write something down? Err on the side of caution.

Author: Gary Comstock
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Last Updated: 2010-01-05