ADMI 6005

Printer-Friendly Format Special Topics: Research Ethics for Business and Professional Students

University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez


Research Ethics

The goal of this course is to welcome doctoral students into the community of scholars.

Designed as a 3.0 credit graduate-level course for face-to-face instructional settings, it is also effective as an asynchronous, self-directed program of study for unaffiliated viewers.

The class is meant to support and empower junior researchers as they become acculturated into scholarly institutions. Readings introduce the rewards of and obstacles to research; the causes and consequences of misconduct; the rights and obligations of professionals; the habits of excellent mentors; and the social mission of the university. We describe a three-step method for making moral decisions: my interests; our interests; all interests.

Participants meet "heels" and "heros;" work through interactive exercises surveying policies, rules, and regulations; and join a discipline-specific seminar on the social responsibilities of researchers. Finally, we identify sources of continuing education.

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