2.2 Professional codes

Professional codes are rules adopted by professional organizations to guide the conduct of their members. Consider the code of the Ecological Society of America (ESA). Ecologists can be both scientists and businessmen. As people actively engaged in research and publication, they commonly encounter a range of situations which can be covered by intuitively-acceptable rules, and so, like many professional codes, the ESA Code explicitly discusses authorship standards, proprietary data, and simultaneous submission to multiple journals (principles 1-5 under "Publication"), and it prohibits plagiarism and fabrication of data (principles 4 and 5 under "General"). As businessmen, ecologists also commonly encounter situations where questions about discrimination, harassment, and confidentiality arise (principles 7 and 8 under "General," and 3 under "Certified Ecologists").

Author: Gary Varner
Maintained By: David Edelman
Last Updated: 2007-08-08