0.0 Intro to course

We begin with a few words of website orientation.

OSRE, OpenSeminar in Research Ethics, uses two kinds of screens. You are currently reading a Module. Modules introduce topics and then direct you to a second kind of screen, an Assignment. Assignments are readings. Assignments typically include interactive exercises such as multiple choice questions to aid comprehension.

Here is the end of the first Module. Now switch to the first Assignment by looking left for "Links." Click on "Intro to website."

Note: When you finish the Assignment you will be returned to this module. At that point, either take the Optional Pre-test or look below, find Next -> and click there. You will advance to the second Module.

You can access your grades on all e-Assignments by clicking on the link on the left labelled Gradebook

Author: Gary Comstock
Maintained By: David Edelman
Last Updated: 2010-09-05